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Cucking At The Bridge Club – 05/21/17

Cucking At The Bridge Club – 05/21/17 A shorter show this week and no longer on the stupid schedule. So to be honest with you guys I got a little stick of having to make the exact same show time every week, it becomes kind of a chore. We’re now going back to the good old days of just doing shows whenever we feel like. You can expect shorter but more frequent shows from now on and hopefully they will be even more fun! This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess calling up some classic complainers, our friends in Seat Tac, some motels and then some more bridge clubs, where we tried to arrange some fun nights of cuckoldry. Thank you to everyone that listened live and especially those who have supported our campaign to get Macron over to the States to visit the Sea Tac Crest Motor Inn! We…


The Great United Easter Hoedown Throwdown – 04/16/17

The Great United Easter Hoedown Throwdown – 04/16/17 This show featured Macron and InkedGoddess only, Ben is recovering from a botched penis enlargement operation carried out by Dr. Charles who is also currently in jail for malpractice. We are hoping they will both be back in time for next week’s show. In this episode we celebrated Easter by taking advantage of the recent United controversy over the passenger who was forcibly thrown off an overbooked flight and called up a bunch of their customers who weren’t really too keen to discuss it with us. We then moved on to causing more chaos at the bridge club from the last show, which ended with a funny surprise for their Director. Of course we also checked in regularly with our favourite racist motel owner. Thanks so much to everyone that listened live and for all the donations that came in this week,…


Barackron – 04/01/17

Barackron¬†– 04/01/17 Another crazy and epic long show this time featuring Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess, Dr Charles, Motherfucker Jones and a special cameo from Barack Obama! Happy April Fools Day everyone! In this show we interview Barack Obama, we deal with recent controversy over United Air and passengers wearing leggings / yoga pants. We then go on to cause utter mayhem for another bridge club, had great success in messing with our regular weekly favourite racist motel owner and we finish things off by doing some direct dial hotel calls. This was a crazy show with some awesome results, the best probably being a call to an angry United customer which sadly resulted in the tragic death of customer service rep Kim (don’t worry though because she’ll be alright really!) Thank you so much to everyone for the recent support and donations and those that managed to catch the show live….


The Macron Show – Bridge Over Troubled Waters – 05/07/16

The Macron Show – Bridge Over Troubled Waters – 05/07/16 More bridge club mayhem! This show features Macron, Dr. Charles, Asthma, Llama, Den Mom, Carbon and for the first time Mr. Frank Marvici of Marvici’s Madhouse. Based on the fun we had on previous shows with a certain bridge club we decided to find a whole new bridge club to mess with. Needless to say mayhem ensued again! We almost accomplished the challenge of calling every single member of the club before finally reaching the bridge club management who were less than happy with our antics. After that we had more lunk alarm madness, called some restaurants and did some good old fashioned hotel calls. Big thanks to everyone involved in the making of this show, especially Asthma for finding yet another gullible set of bridge club players and Mr. Marvici for joining us for the very first time. Hope you…