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The End Of The World Show – 09/23/17

The End Of The World Show – 09/23/17 Time to celebrate the end of the world in style! This show features Macron, InkedGoddess and Jeremy From Corporate. With Planet X about to collide with Earth and the North Koreans planning to nuke us all we thought we’d go out with a bang! This week as well as handling the usual business of all the world’s complainers we placed more ads on Craigslist for free cigarettes and had people come meet us at an Indian casino and bingo hall, with some amazing results. A few people really weren’t happy about our PCP cigarettes or offers of no strings attached sex, I have no idea why. Dr.XXX even managed to go there with a camera for us and see the chaos that we caused so thank you for this week’s show picture sir! Thank you as always to everyone that has supported…