Macron Show Prank Calls



Happy Mother F*ckers Day Y’all – 05/13/18

Happy Mother F*ckers Day Y’all – 05/13/18 Happy Mother F*cker’s Day America! We’re back again with the pranks featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGodess and all the world’s greatest complainers. Some real gems in here including a guy who thinks Yahoo are stealing all his data, several ladies who are not at all happy with their darn fast food service and a few very very angry maniacs who got a little scary even for me. Death threats were made. Also, for goodness sake watch out for the bees! They’re here! As always thanks to everyone that listened live and on the podcast but especially to the people who donated to help keep the show going, we love you all very much and we’ll see you again next weekend for more of this madness, that’s if the BBB or the Attorney General haven’t gotten to us first. Plus everyone’s brother is a…