Macron Show Prank Calls



The 2018 Super Bowl Fiasco – 02/04/18

The 2018 Super Bowl Fiasco – 02/04/18 Sorry for the slight delay in uploading this show but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. Obviously Macron and Chumley spent Super Bowl 2018 trying to bother people who were actually watching Super Bowl 2018. Results were mixed, for some reason a lot of silly people were watching some sports event and didn’t want to listen to our crap, but eventually we got some good calls in there anyway, and as always we had lots of fun along the way. Just want to say a big thank you again to all the people who have been sharing our links and especially those who have been kind enough to donate some schmeckles to the cause, it really means a lot to us! We’ll be back sooner than you think with more crazy prank calls, see you all then!