Macron Show Prank Calls

Sybians And Cigarettes – 02/24/18

Sybians And Cigarettes – 02/24/18

This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess and somehow nearly made it to 6 hours this time! Crazy! In this one we placed some more ads on Craigslist for free cigarettes and had people calling and texting for them throughout the whole show. For some reason not many wanted to exchange sexual favours for them or meet in fast food restrooms to get them, people are strange. We also handled the usual mess of silly complainers ranging from a couple stuck at the airport for 14 hours to a lady who rejected my offer of servicing her sexually to calm her down. Some people are just never happy with our amazing customer service, yet we will keep trying. Lots of great calls again on this show, massive thank you to everyone that caught the show live and especially the awesome people who donated schmeckles towards the cause. I appreciate it so much you guys! Please help us out by sharing on all your social medias or even just force your friends and family to listen to the live shows, tie them up if you have to, they will thank you later! Lots of love to you all. We are currently plotting a midweek show this week due to the sheer number of customers we still have to deal with so hopefully that will happen. Until then enjoy this show and we’ll see you real soon!

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