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Sweet Capuchin Monkey – 07/15/18

Sweet Capuchin Monkey – 07/15/18

Sweet Capuchin Monkeys we’re back again! After a short break to move house Macron and Chumley return again with more crazy nonsense. In this show we tried to call a scammer selling sweet capuchin monkeys, made a preacher cook and taste his own urine, made the whole Build A Bear pay your age debacle even worse and generally had a good time hanging out with our awesome listeners. Thank you for all the amazing support recently during our little absence and especially everyone that donated so I could do shows via 4G until I get actual Internet here, we have loads of cool stuff coming up this week including more shows and the launch of Chimble’s Cage, the super secret section of the website for all our supporters! Stay tuned for that and much much more!

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