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Soft Teeth – 08/10/18

Soft Teeth – 08/10/18

We’re back again, yes with more complainers, featuring Macron and Chumley in action dealing with all the world’s greatest whiners as well as causing trouble at hotel rooms by asking to host the monthly staff meeting in guests rooms and also disrupting several conferences. This time we had a lady who got a terrible rash from skin cream purchased from Sea World, a couple who still want their free phones from MetroPCS, a really silly guy who cried at the hospital and an elderly gentleman with very soft teeth who couldn’t eat a simple bagel. As always a lot of fun was had by all, we are very grateful for all the kind donations and the people who helped us get fresh numbers and everyone that made the live show. We will return again very soon of course, for now please keep sharing the website, shows and YouTube videos, we love you all!

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