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Save Wonton – Part 1 – 08/28/16

Save Wonton –  Part 1 – 08/28/16

A very special emergency show! This is a very special show to help our buddy Wonton, Mistress Morgan’s beloved cat who is very sick right now. We needed to raise as much money as possible to help with his medical bills. On this show we played back some classic calls and made some brand new live calls including Waffle House’s, convenience stores and hotels, with some hilarious new ideas such as veterans of World War 3 and trying to book a room for Octember. We also filed a lengthy report with a corporate complaints line and more. Thank you so much to everyone that caught this show live and donated! We will be back with another Wonton-othon later tonight Sunday 28th of August 2016 at 2pm Pacific Time / 5pm ET at Love you Wonton stay strong!

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  1. Save Wonton - Part 1 - 08/28/16

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