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RIP To Our Friend Jason (Smizzie)

Today I have the very sad duty of announcing that our dear friend and co-host Jason (aka Smizzie) passed away suddenly yesterday. Some of us were already aware that Jason was battling with a serious illness however his sudden death came as a massive shock to us all to say the least. When Jason first joined our little community his enthusiasm for the show was infectious and it quickly became clear he was also an incredibly talented comedian who I needed to make our next co-host. He had a silky smooth radio voice that everyone loved and he was equally convincing whether he was pretending to be my manager in the corporate office or talking about sea lions in the Manhole. He was also instrumental in a lot of the fun times we had in Discord making calls in between shows. Some time ago when we were dealing with some difficult stuff behind the scenes Smizzie divulged to me that he was unwell, and he was the first person to tell me to never give up on the show and to keep going no matter what, that was his attitude no matter how dark things got. Smizzie was a positive person 100% of the time, because of the things he said to me I fully intend to keep things going for as long as I possibly can and I only hope that at least a bit of his talent, sense of humour and positive attitude has rubbed off on me (badum tish). Rest in peace Jason, we will never forget you.

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  1. OMG. I am so sorry to hear this. I loved Jason. He was hilarious. Especially when he called the “Man Hole” and pretended he was interested in men. LOL. He will be missed greatly. He sounded so young, had a very calming voice…..I am shocked to hear this… close to Christmas….wow……..

  2. Very sad news, so sorry.

  3. My deepest and most sincere condolences go out to his family & all those privileged enough to know him. RIP Jason

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