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Revenge Of The Complankers – 03/13/17

Revenge Of The Complankers – 03/13/17

I’m not even sure where to begin with this show as I’m still kinda speechless. We decided to do a bonus extra show this week as we still had lots of numbers left over and a little extra time on our hands, and I’m sure glad we did. This show featured Macron, Dr. Charles, Ben and InkedGoddess AKA The Dream Team. We started by calling a bunch of Twitter complainers, messed with our favourite racist hotel owners and caused chaos at some other random hotels. We also woke a few UK w*nkers to help with their water supply issues, a new fan favourite! In possibly the strangest twist of fate ever on the Macron show we ended up calling up a very special celebrity completely by accident and totally at random which left us on the back foot to say the least. As it turned out he was incredibly cool and seemed to dig our warped sense of humour and ended up doing a brief interview with us before potentially agreeing to make a VERY special appearance on a future show. Right now I don’t really want to say too much about what happened, you will just have to listen to the whole show to figure this one out. Needless to say we are now in touch with this person and hoping to put together a very special incredible guest appearance on an upcoming show. We are beyond excited by this and could not be more grateful for how cool this person was and the potential that this has created. I can’t say any more right now but just stay tuned for future updates. If you listened to the show and know who I’m talking about please send any ideas for questions or other suggestions to It’s certainly going to be a busy week for our little team. Thank you to everyone that listened live, donated money to the cause and supported us by sharing the shows and YouTube links. Our fans have been so awesome with all the support and we are super grateful for every single one of you whether you listen live or on the podcast feeds. Please help us out however you can whether it’s by donating, sharing the links or just joining in the fun. We love you all so much and we have so much more great content coming up so don’t miss a moment of it! Special mention to my homeboy Ronald Jenkees who’s music I used during the background and show outro. He’s a musical genius and you should all hit up and buy his music!

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  1. Whoo! Thanks for the bonus show big Macron.

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