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Quality Cuckwear And PC Repair – 06/03/17

Quality Cuckwear And PC Repair – 06/03/17

The most ridiculously long show in a very long time! Featuring Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess. On this show we call up a whole heap of complainers, a few stores and of course our favourite motel. We had some good results and I tried to keep the length of this show down by editing out the breaks and stuff. The main reason for the length of this show is the last call, which lasted for several hours! We called a lady who was complaining about her antivirus not working, and after having her look at some hardcore porn for a while we eventually decided to be nice and fix her PC. This took an incredible amount of time due to her being out in the country, but I am pleased to report we got things working! We even had to remote in to her PC and spend some time cleaning everything up and making her antivirus work, but we did it! I’ll post a little screenshot below. We even gave her a fetching new desktop wallpaper while we were at it. Take note AVG, this is real customer service! We have so much more to come so as always stay tuned!

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  1. That moment when you look around and its bright outside…

  2. lolol

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