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Fraught With Unsatisfactory Burritos and Bloviating – 10/20/18

Fraught With Unsatisfactory Burritos and Bloviating – 10/20/18 Hard to know what to say about this show. Macron, Dr Charles and InkedGoddess deal with some real lunatics this time. We got various fast food and pizza complainers, orders not arriving from North Korea on time, a kid who was too fat to ride the rollercoaster, a man we tried to help with his faulty fuel pump (boing!) a guy who left his car locked in a store all weekend and needed it back, a woman buying Chedder’s gift cards for Gaspian and for the grand finale possibly the biggest maniac…


Macron Vs Officer Innocence – 10/14/18

Macron Vs Officer Innocence – 10/14/18 Justin Roiland I apologise again!! Hi everyone welcome to another crazy episode of the Macron show. This week Macron handles the business of all the world’s complainers including more fast food problems, a lady cashing bad checks, another prison phone customer, an attempted firing at Chilli’s (and an encounter with fake Officer Innocence!) and a family taking inappropriate photos on their cruise, plus a whole bunch more. Then Macron and the gang proceed to hijack a bunch more conferences and read them the 12 steps of Ron before proceeding with some celebrity calls. This…


Sweet Ling Music – 10/11/18

Sweet Ling Music – 10/11/18 In this episode Macron and Dani handle a whole bunch of the Internet’s finest complaining people, this time we got music, shouting and threats of some very important people coming to get us! We had Wish customers not getting their orders, a very unique couple who were not at all happy with the service at a fried chicken restaurant, an exploding vape and a strange old lady who stopped getting her checks from McDonalds, and loads more! This was another crazy show that was super fun to make and all thanks to our kind supporters,…


It’s Like 10000 Spoons And The Maid Has A Knife – 10/07/18

It’s Like 10000 Spoons And The Maid Has A Knife – 10/07/18 Isn’t it ironic? Doncha think? Yes folks I am sorry for the ruse but Macron is NOT quitting, ever. Sorry haters, take your L. This extra awesome show was super long because frankly we had way too much fun this time. Macron and InkedGoddess call up yet another huge batch of complainers courtesy of some of our awesome listeners. This week as per the show title we got a hotel maid wielding a knife, lots of unhappy fast food customers, an old man who wouldn’t buy our giant…


Vodka, Tacos And Golf Day – 10/04/18

Vodka, Tacos And Golf Day – 10/04/18 I’m not making up these official days! Come celebrate national golf, vodka and tacos day with Macron and InkedGoddess as we call a bunch of the Internet’s best complainers! This time we had a lady who did not appreciate her Diet Bigmac at all for some reason, a guy who kept calling in about his bent steelbook movies, a very very boring man who did not like money being taken from his bank account for planned parenthood and so much more! We also had fun with some conferences and generally had a great…


Jack In The Crotch – 09/29/18

Jack In The Crotch – 09/29/18 See what happens when we let the listeners choose a show name? lol. This show features Macron and InkedGoddess just tackling a few good old Internet complainers. This week a lot of people are really mad at fast food restaurants, including Jack In The Box (see) McDonalds, Burger King and loads more. We also had a crazy couple who’s Honeywell WIFI machine didn’t work, a guy who couldn’t decide if he was a former marine or a firefighter who did not like his leaky RV one little bit and a family of drunks that…

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