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Mondays With Macron – 10/28/19

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Mondays With Macron – 10/28/19

Another amazing Mondays With Macron this week and what a way to go out of Octember! This week we had Ron, Ray, DS, Smizzy, Brent and the one and only InkedGoddess! As usual we delve head first into the world of online complainers and boy did we get some real winners this time including a T-Mobile customer who didn’t want to get his service cut off, an ESPN fan who lost his entire fantasy basketball team, a group of Christians who chose to abuse poor sweet Ray for no reason, a farmer who won’t get of his tractor for us, a man who found the contents of Jason’s colostomy bag inside his chips, a Comcast customer who’s tree destroyed the cable lines and many more. We also called some scammers who wanted to marry InkedGoddess, fired a bunch of people and observed a very strange man doing his thing on Facebook live. Oh and we also celebrated that Halloween thing you guys are all into. Don’t forget to get an extra 2 shows every week please subscribe to our Patreon! Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Macron will be celebrating his birthday!

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