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Macron’s Suicide Squad – 07/17/16

Macron’s Suicide Squad – 07/17/16

Macron forms a suicide squad to take over the world! I know the movie isn’t quite out yet but I was too excited to wait. This was a VERY special show in that it featured the triumphant return of the one and only Mistress Morgan! Also featured with Macron were Dr. Charles, Train Wreck and JagTV. In this show we attempted some complainers only none of the decided to pick up, so we quickly switched to dealing with some lost drones, a celebrity call to the infamous Nate Dog of Nate Dog Cellular, we disrupted another radio show with our nonsensical sports talk, bothered some more hotel guests and caused mayhem at many Waffle House’s amongst other things. It was very awesome to have Mistress Morgan back after all this time. Keep it locked to for much more!

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  1. It was fun hearing the great Mistress Morgan doing prank phone calls once again with Macron. Toss in Jag TV with his voice changer- calling up confused employees at Waffle Houses sounding like a brotha tryin’ to get his waffle on and you have yourself a hell of a funny show.

    Thanks to all of you who take the time to make this show one of the best prank call shows out there!

  2. We Missed Mistress Morgan and her calls.
    It becomes an elaborate ruse….

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