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The Macron Show – Trouble At The Bridge Club – 04/30/16

The Macron Show – Trouble At The Bridge Club – 04/30/16

In this show we decided to call back some members of the infamous bridge club we have been calling for the past couple of weeks, since they decided to remove their online roster due to “fraudulent phone calls” and my buddy Asthma had the foresight  to grab all their numbers first. Joined by Asthma himself as well as Mr. Llama we had great fun calling them all back and messing with them some more. At one point we even managed to disrupt some bridge games in progress and got yelled at by the club manager several times. Don’t miss the now infamous burger and hotdog funny name calls, I don’t remember laughing so much during a show for some time. We also managed to throw in a few classic complainer calls too. This was a fantastic show and some of the most fun I’ve had for a while. I hope you enjoy and stick around for much more!

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