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The Macron Show – Bridge Over Troubled Waters – 05/07/16

The Macron Show – Bridge Over Troubled Waters – 05/07/16

More bridge club mayhem! This show features Macron, Dr. Charles, Asthma, Llama, Den Mom, Carbon and for the first time Mr. Frank Marvici of Marvici’s Madhouse. Based on the fun we had on previous shows with a certain bridge club we decided to find a whole new bridge club to mess with. Needless to say mayhem ensued again! We almost accomplished the challenge of calling every single member of the club before finally reaching the bridge club management who were less than happy with our antics. After that we had more lunk alarm madness, called some restaurants and did some good old fashioned hotel calls. Big thanks to everyone involved in the making of this show, especially Asthma for finding yet another gullible set of bridge club players and Mr. Marvici for joining us for the very first time. Hope you all enjoy this one!

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  1. College Student 9th May 2016 @ 5:10 am

    Love you Macron! Thanks for getting me through finals!!!!

  2. LOL’d a lot.

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