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Macron Returns – 12/31/17

Macron Returns – 12/31/17

That’s right folks Macron is finally back, like Carlito’s wife after the Ashley Madison Leak. I’m sorry I was gone for so long but I hope we managed to explain everything during the show so don’t miss a moment of this one. This show features Macron, Inked Goddess, THE RETURN OF DR CHARLES! and one of our brand new hosts Mr. Chumley. Again everything that’s happened is explained during the show so just listen and you’ll see why there’s no more Bender from Corporate on this show. He got rinsed in the chat when we were live like Dwight with his wash rag on a stick. We all fought like hell to keep this show going for you and I am grateful as hell for all the supporters and kind messages. I also have to say fuck you to the amount of trolls and haters from PLA and PCN. Especially people sad enough to make fun of a seriously ill man. Brad, I’m glad that for Christmas you got your PC back from the FBI but keep fucking with us and things are gonna get a whole heap worse. I promised no more beef but 2018 is going to be OUR year, just wait until you see what we got lined up. So if you wanna play at being assholes then let’s play. Otherwise leave us alone and we’ll do the same. But trust you don’t want this to go back to the bad old days this time, especially when we have one person with nothing to lose. To everyone else I hope you had a great Christmas and you’re gonna have an amazing 2018. Despite everything I have nothing but love for everyone and keep it locked right here because we have an epic year coming up. Macron Show Forever.

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  1. Great to see you back and hope Dr Charles makes a quick and successful recovery. Unfortunately I was out and had no hope of hearing the show over everyone around. However my spirit was with with you and I can’t wait to listen to the show.

  2. Macron show is gr8 m8, thanks all.

  3. Good to have you back Macron, and I’m really glad to see Dr Charles is back on the show again and I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. He’s always been my favorite of the show hosts(although I do love all of you).

    Can’t believe that the trolls would stoop so low that they make fun of a guy for having cancer, absolute scumbags. People like that will burn in hell.

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  1. Macron Returns!

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