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It’s Literally Better Business Communication Day

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It’s Literally Better Business Communication Day

So today we’re celebrating Better Business Communication day, literally, and it’s a real thing too go and look it up. The main thing is we discussed the merits, or lack thereof, of saying the word literally, literally in every sentence. As well as trying to school people on how to talk this week sweet gentle Ron is forced to kick a very belligerent lady out of Walmart and ends up getting the local news station called on him, one man is very unhappy that his solar panels don’t work, we get in an argument with Fonzie’s personal assistant (yes really!) one guy does is not at all happy with his dented fridge, one man complains because his wife requested to sit in a different place to him on their flight, one very boring man accusing an African airline of targeting his whole family, Trainwreck steps in to play a Swiss AirBNB owner and one man is very unhappy about paying $2600 for a second hand TV. We also got in a fight with a doctor in the Manhole, interrupted some conferences and had some great discussions about Ron’s accent and how to talk properly, and a whole lot more too! Thank you to all the people that listened live on YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Ron will be doing more supporter’s shows at BuyMeACoffee!

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