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InkedGoddess And Macron Take Flight – 08/23/18

InkedGoddess And Macron Take Flight – 08/23/18

In this special little extra show InkedGoddess and Macron mostly pretend to be from various airlines and try to deal with a whole bunch of whining complainers who are always super unhappy about their delayed flights, lack of free cuddle blankets and having to walk all the way to Starbucks themselves. One parent of the year abandoned her family holiday to go to a concert and then cried at the airport when her flight was delayed. Another monster demanded multiple first class tickets in order to help them get over the extreme trauma of a flight being slightly delayed, and nobody wanted to accept Macron’s offer of a free model airplane and some stickers! Some people just don’t want to be happy. On this show we were raising money to try and help Inkedgoddess replace her sadly broken exercise bike with a brand new one! Thank you so much to everyone that helped with this, our community is so kind and thoughtful and we really really appreciate it. If you want to help out this great cause there is still a little time and you can do this here: Thank you as always to all of our kind supporters, everyone who caught the show live on Mixlr and everyone listening on the podcast, we will all be back very soon with more Macron mayhem!

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  1. Ahhh, my favorite system. always has been and always will. – I think Super Metroid could have arguably been #1 with Link to the Past as #2, but that’s just me- Star Fox, although I love the game is top 15, top 20 at best. You could have easily replaced it with Turtles in Time which I think is the definitive side scrolling beat ’em up for the SNES. While we’re on the subject, Street Fighter 2 could have been omitted since it’s multi-platform and it was originally an arcade game. Could have easily replaced it with Secret of Mana.- Glad to see you guys included Diddy’s Kong Quest. Most list have the first one but I think DKC 2 was the definitive game in the trilogy. Just much more polished and complex compared to DKC1Otherwise, great list!

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