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Happy Birthday Dr Charles – 06/18/16

Happy Birthday Dr Charles – 06/18/16

A special show to celebrate the birth of the one and only Dr. Charles! Guest hosts were of course Macron and Dr. Charles along with JagTV and Lord Gloria. On this show we started off by calling some some random Circle K locations and in the process we ended up getting free food for a homeless and hungry vet, probably one of our finest moments since what started out as a prank ended up as a really great deed for a man in need. Wherever you are dude we hope you enjoyed your free meals. To anyone from Circle K reading this I apologise, but I hope you can see the funny side, and send me the bill! After that we managed some very funny complainer calls to balance out the karma including a pastor who yelled at us lots. We then made some very random but hilarious Craigslist calls which included some furious jewish beverage sellers and an extremely irate goat farmer to round things off. Thank you to everyone involved, a very happy birthday to Dr. Charles and please stay tuned to because we have lots more to come!

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  1. No shows recently I hope it’s not the end

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