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Friday The 13th With Macron – 01/13/17

Friday The 13th With Macron – 01/13/17

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! This show featured Macron and Ben Franklin (who fell asleep in the middle of a call!). To celebrate Friday the 13th we called a huge list of Twitter complainers and brought them lots of good luck with their issues. We had some really fantastic calls on this show, thanks to InkedGoddess who has now officially joined the Macron team as our chief number finder and social media manager. Really grateful for all the effort put in to get us such awesome numbers. We had a lady who was angry about her poor quality flowers, a nice lady who gave us some celebrity phone numbers and a very angry couple who made a slanderous video about Delta and got into a great argument with us (look for that one on YouTube!). After Ben nodded off Macron also managed to get in a few great hotel calls, including the ever popular dream patrol. Thank you so much to everyone that has donated recently and helped us out by sharing the site and videos and stuff, it helps greatly. I promise there will definitely not be so much time in between shows going forward, we are now going back to at least weekly shows, including some new style shows coming very soon and a few big surprises. 2017 is going to be a great year for Macron fans!

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