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The Fate Of The Furious – 05/28/17

The Fate Of The Furious – 05/28/17

They tried to stop this show but they couldn’t do it! This was one of the craziest shows in a long time. Featuring Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess we started the show with a rundown of this week’s crazy people, which turned out hilarious. We then checked in with the Sea Tac only to find out that some helpful listener has changed their voicemail for us. I think at this point we’ve made it way too obvious to them who we are lol. We then proceeded to get a whole bunch of classic complainer calls including yet another tragic Comcast murder suicide situation. There were a whole load of other great complainers to enjoy that I won’t spoil here. We ended things by causing mayhem at Long John Silver’s and managed to get one manager to fill up an entire bucket with Pepsi for some reason, and got a few of them to cut off the power. Needless to say a lot of fun was had during this show, I hope you all enjoy and since we had so many numbers left over due to all the great pickups we’ll have to get back to them very soon!

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  1. This show was killer. Especially loved the clips of David King freaking out.

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