Macron Show Prank Calls

Elderbang – 08/28/18

Elderbang – 08/28/18

Macron and Chumley are back in action again with a fresh list of crazy complainers, some even crazier stuff for sale / barter on Craigslist and couple of conferences just for good measure. This time a woman keeps calling us about her unauthorised charges for her elder dating website, several people don’t like the bedbugs and mould at their cheap hotels, one lady claims that she used to run Verizon and does not like our attitude one bit and we also shut down several conferences including sex addicts and 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Thank you so much to all our kind supporters once again you guys are amazing! We also broadcast live on Youtube for the first time tonight as well as Mixlr which was a huge success so we will keep doing this. Thank you to everyone that caught this show live and all of you hobos listening back on the podcast, we love you anyway! Stay safe out there and be ready for even more very soon!

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