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Don’t Sneeze On My Taters And Tell Me It’s Raining – 09/07/18

Don’t Sneeze On My Taters And Tell Me It’s Raining – 09/07/18

Hi everyone! Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess are back in action once again with a whole fresh batch of crazy complainers, Internet idiots and this time people with silly names! We had a devout Christian who was very unhappy at the terrible events at an all you can eat buffet, a Jewish man who yelled at us about his banking woes (for some reason), a very angry redneck who did not have time to discuss his problems with us and an Indian lady who didn’t want to change her name in order to keep her Comcast, and that’s just scratching the surface. This show was hilarious to make with lots of crazy calls and yelling so we hope you enjoying listening as much as we enjoyed making it. Stay tuned to as we have a lot more to come this weekend, including a silly name spectacular episode that will be fun to make even if nobody picks up! Also RIP to Mac Miller, the news of his death came through during this show so the ending is dedicated to him, a sad loss. Thanks as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on Mixlr and YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast.

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