Donnie’s Spicy Dingler – 08/19/18

Donnie’s Spicy Dingler – 08/19/18

In another crazy long show the two crude dudes Macron and Chumley tackle a fresh batch of complainers, some crazy stuff for sale on the Craigslist machine and we takeover a few conferences and cause more mayhem. In this show we also tested out the brand new Chimbles bot as well as our new conference service, more news on these awesome features in future shows. Tonight we had multiple people who did not like the spicy chicken at Popeye’s, a guy who really hated being put on hold all the time to talk about his missing fridge parts and a super crazy woman who couldn’t spell properly and yelled rather a lot. We also totally derailed a few conferences and managed to host our own conference for good old Michelle who always seems to be around when we take over, for some reason she though SHE was the moderator, crazy. We even remember to have a good old game of Rick and Morty Madlibs! Thank you as always to all our kind donators and everyone that caught the show live as well as everyone listening to the podcast, we love you very much and we’ll be back again with more of this nonsense real soon!

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