Macron Show Prank Calls

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Help keep the Macron shows happening by supporting the cause today!

Make a one off donation using Streamlabs (you can use Paypal, credit or debit card and you don’t need to register!)

Become a regular supporter of the show with BuyMeACoffee and access even more content:

If you are super fancy and you have those new fangled computer coins you can send them to Ron using the following wallet addresses. If you have a type of crypto that’s not mentioned here please drop us an email and we will send you an address.

Bitcoin: 3F6CL3SGnbaECN5vBCYBCmM3JAYsdvgXWf
Etherium: 0x474B205Cac37069fE0e21298759774C9DB9afd64
Dogecoin: DGvYfXkAa16XvnjgkXB3XvhzAJAtE3nFo6
Shiba Inu: 0x474B205Cac37069fE0e21298759774C9DB9afd64
Cardano: Ae2tdPwUPEZ2jJQFyGdw3PSda9tWbAjujxJPGGDzD2j4s4UTXTx1GP76SDK
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