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Discipline My Child And Win A Free PS4 – 03/11/18

Discipline My Child And Win A Free PS4 – 03/11/18

This episode features the dynamic duo of Macron and Chumley, with just a little visit from InkedGoddess too. How it went on for nearly 6 hours I do not know. This time around we placed some Craigslist ads for free stuff, but made the callers discipline our rowdy children first, one call ending in tragic results. We also dealt with usual huge list of complainers who are frankly never satisfied with our awesome service these days! On this show we started our new contest which will now be happening on every show. The person who donates the most via our GoFundme during the show will be able to choose from a list of awesome prizes to receive. This week’s winner was Taco Jones, so congrats Mr. Jones! Your prize is currently being organised by Chumley. Thank you to everyone that has continued to support us., It is very much appreciated, and of course we shall return again very soon with more mayhem for your ears!

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  1. Great show.

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