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Cuckold Comcast Complainers – 02/18/17

Cuckold Comcast Complainers – 02/18/17

This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess as well as whole lot of Twitter Complainers! We got a lot of great calls in this show which was on a little later than planned while Macron fixed his stupid computer. We now have the ringing sound back when we make calls which makes things a whole lot better, no thanks to Skype. This show includes a guy whose family look at transvestite porn during the middle of the night, a very angry ‘plus sized lifestyle blogger’ and a mother and daughter team whose annual tradition of birthday burgers was ruined forever, to name but a few of the awesome calls. We also messed with a few people selling fitness equipment on Craigslist and ended with a very bizarre call to a dude who charges money to do people’s homework for them. There were also some special messages from ‘MotherF*cker Jones’ that are not to be missed. Massive massive thank you to InkedGoddess who once again did most of the hard work in terms of finding and organising the numbers and keeping us on track! Thank you also to everyone that listened and joined in live and stay tuned for much much more to come!

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  1. what are the first two songs at the beginning?

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