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Corporate Liaison Information Team

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Corporate Liaison Information Team

I hope you like the new official name for all of my corporate office affairs, I feel it’s very fitting. This week it’s all about the Karens as sweet gentle Ron comes up against a lady who does not want to pay for her suitcase to stay in the fancy downtown London Windsor Castle Hotel, an Amazon customer who totally does want to send her used shoes in for foot fetishists to purchase, a lady who can’t be bothered to be home when she’s expecting a package and that’s everyone’s problem, a lady who badly needs two refrigerators to hold the massive amount of food that she requires, a man who is whining about his lack of wine deliveries and a lady who we swear has a broken fridge and not a broken oven. And a whole lot more too. We also played a few tricks on our favourite Zoom meetings too. Thank you to all the people that listened live on YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Ron will be doing more supporter’s shows at BuyMeACoffee!

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