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Complankers – 03/11/17

Complankers – 03/11/17

Wow this show really got away from us. Far too long and far too crazy. Once again featuring Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess and the return from the dead of Dr. Charles! We started off with a bunch of Twitter complainers and somehow moved on to restaurants and calling our favourite racist hotel owners. We did get some good Comcast complainer results including a lengthy and lurid incident involving a technician and a customer’s housemate and a self proclaimed Uber hacker. We also called some restaurants to do customer surveys. We then kinda lost the plot and grew weary of people not picking up or reacting how we wanted and decided to go old school and call UK wnkers, something we haven’t done for a while. It’s funny how people in the UK don’t seem to like being called at 3am to be reminded what time it is or have them flush their toilets for us. Ben was also somehow unable to get a taxi from Newcastle to London and was called a sick bstard by one lady (new sound clip incoming!) I genuinely don’t know how this show ended up going on for 7 hours but a lot of fun was had anyway. I want to give a special shoutout to ‘Dan C’ who sponsored tonight’s show and made a huge donation to us, we are so grateful. We are currently planning an extra special additional show for Monday to get back on track with all the important customer support calls we didn’t get around to so hopefully watch out for that, either way we will back as always next Saturday too. Thank you and much love to all our fans for the incredible support recently!

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  1. Thanks Ron for the 7 hour show <3
    Thanks Dr. Charles for the bandwidth.

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