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Complaining And Re-Complaining Myself – 07/29/17

Complaining And Re-Complaining Myself – 07/29/17

This show features Macron, Jeremy and Deloris. Macron and Jeremy were both very sick this week and Deloris was late, but despite all of this we still made an awesome show with some great calls once again. This week we focused entirely on complainers again and tried to right all of the world’s problems, with some mixed results. We had a lot of people moaning about Burger King messing up, as well as some bad airlines, hotels and stores. As usual I don’t feel that our efforts to help were appreciated much. Thank you very much for all the recent donations and support. Please keep sharing the site and the YouTube machines and donating where you can, it means a lot and helps us keep going. See you again next time!

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