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Blackman Lives Matter – 07/09/16

Blackman Lives Matter – 07/09/16

This show features Macron as always along with Dr. Charles and JagTV. In honour of recent events we called up people selling guns in Dallas, but not real guns, we found paintball guns, airsoft guns, nail guns, glue guns and Nintendo guns of course! We also called a local hotel and caused chaos with loads of guests and revisited some old complainers to see how they were doing. Don’t miss the end of the show after Jag leaves to go to a nightclub and Macron manages to call up the club and get him on the line, and he was a massive jerk about it! Thanks to all that listened live on the Mixlr machine. I promise it will definitely not be so long before the next show this time! Stay tuned to for more Macron mayhem!

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  1. Blackman Lives Matter - 07/09/16

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