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The Big Comcast Fight Incident – 03/04/17

The Big Comcast Fight Incident – 03/04/17

Oh wow, probably my favourite show in a long time simply because of the last call, skip to around 3 hours 30 minutes to hear the epic firing of Jeremiah and the terrible fight at Comcast! This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess once again handling some Uber calls and some awesome Comcast / cable complainers, all culminating in the most epic prank to date, the fistfight between Ron and Jeremiah at Comcast. So much fun was had on this show, I want to thank everyone that listened live and has been supporting us recently. Please don’t miss the amazing animated cartoon show on YouTube or the big announcement about the Macron movie. We will be back next Saturday afternoon as always! Love you all!

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  1. Hi Macron !
    Just a quickey!
    Hello to you and your’s, From THE PHIL AND CHESTER SHOW, iN Arizona . talked a little about you yesterday, Well bye HAVE A BLESSED DAY ! PLEASE LEAVE US A VOICE MAIL, OR GIVE US A CALL NEXT SUNDAY,YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED ! PEACE !

  2. LOL!
    Poor Dr Charles!
    He looks like he was OVER FOCKED, AND UNDER FED. LOL

  3. Did u decide against putting the epic Comcast call on yt? I can’t find it in your yt published vids.

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