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Barackron – 04/01/17

Barackron – 04/01/17

Another crazy and epic long show this time featuring Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess, Dr Charles, Motherfucker Jones and a special cameo from Barack Obama! Happy April Fools Day everyone! In this show we interview Barack Obama, we deal with recent controversy over United Air and passengers wearing leggings / yoga pants. We then go on to cause utter mayhem for another bridge club, had great success in messing with our regular weekly favourite racist motel owner and we finish things off by doing some direct dial hotel calls. This was a crazy show with some awesome results, the best probably being a call to an angry United customer which sadly resulted in the tragic death of customer service rep Kim (don’t worry though because she’ll be alright really!) Thank you so much to everyone for the recent support and donations and those that managed to catch the show live. We will be back very soon with more craziness!


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