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Hi everyone! My name is Macron AKA Ron Blackman officially the funniest man in Britain. I try to do a weekly live prank call / comedy podcast on my Mixlr as well as publishing my best calls and producing a Macron Show animated cartoon on my YouTube.

I have been doing prank calls for many years and live by some fairly simple rules, for example I never do damage pranks, I try not to upset the sick, elderly and vulnerable or children and generally try my best not to break the law. I welcome a whole range of special guest hosts which you will see from my show archive including lots of folks from other networks that I have been a part of.

Currently I am also working on a book all about my experiences of doing this, the social engineering skills which I have learned and developed as well as some tales from my crazy life, so look out for that soon.

If you want to be notified when I’m doing a live show, create a free account on Mixlr using the link below and subsribe to The Macron Show on there.

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And of course you can subscribe to my podcast through various methods on the front page of this very site. Thank you for taking the time to visit me, I do plan to add a proper bio and some more information soon so please bookmark the site and share it with all your friends.

Feel free to email me directly too. I love fan mail!

I appreciate all my loyal fans and love you all very much!


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