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A Slap In The Face

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A Slap In The Face

First of all thank you to Will Smith for giving us endless material tonight. This week get ready for some red hot complainer action in the form of a man who had serious problems getting a hold of his package, a man who for some reason bought a Blu Ray player in 2022, a lady who did not understand how logistics works at all and for some reason objected to violence at the corporate office, we deal with more than one customer who didn’t return their rental cars, one lady is not happy with the price of her home warranty and does not want to deal with Karputa and one airline customer really likes our prank calls, which kinda ruins the whole thing. We also had some more Zoom meeting fun which is best checked out on our YoutTube. It’s nearly April fools day… Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Ron will be doing more supporter’s shows at BuyMeACoffee

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