Macron Show Prank Calls

July 2022

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Mile High Blumpkin

Mile High Blumpkin Well this was bound to happen when you let Scoby name a show. You guys might want to watch this one on YouTube as around the 30 minute mark we had a very special Zoom meeting with an old friend of the show that you do not want to miss. As well as catching up with Mike we also dealt with a very angry airline customer who missed their connecting flight, a lady who cried because Carpel does not care about her damn kids, a man with an exceptionally low credit score, a man who made up stories about some kind of fantastical electric motor that clearly does not exist, an airline customer who did not want to wait another week to get home and one very special couple who simply could not figure out which way around they wanted their couch to go, despite all our…

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Belligerent Denial

Belligerent Denial Brace yourselves you people. Ron is back in action and better than ever! This week sweet gentle Ron is forced to deal with a man who cannot understand why Taco Bell doesn’t have a space for him to change his soiled baby, an old man who isn’t happy with his sunglasses, a lady who is not keen to replace her seat belt with a belt from the grocery store, another overweight exercise bike complainer, a man who wanted the store to show him how to fit his own doors and service his wife, a lady who doesn’t believe that Santana already died, Scoby gets into a heated sportsball debate, we meet a lady who has bed bugs and toilet cams in her AirBNB and Ron hits on a Lady Gaga fan with terrible results, and a lot more horrible complainers too. We also disrupt a whole bunch of…