Macron Show Prank Calls

January 2022

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A Barrel Full Of Caramel

A Barrel Full Of Caramel Welcome to 2022! It may be a new year but we’re just up to our old tricks again including calling Mike Lindell, for some reason. This week deal with a news reader who looks like Sam Eagle and his petulant whining about a delivery, we try to help a comedian get his account verified, sweet gentle Ron tries to help a very angry man with a big drinking problem, one man has serious complaints about his missing couch, we manage to diagnose another broken dryer using only spoons, one lady causes a big scene at the airport over some missing headphones and we are forced to ban an unruly hat buyer from our store for his terrible behaviour, and a lot more besides that too! Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on YouTube and everyone checking out…