Macron Show Prank Calls

May 2018


Ribble And Chimbles Get The Hoobly Jooblies  – 05/28/18

Ribble And Chimbles Get The Hoobly Jooblies  – 05/28/18 What do you expect from a Macron show joint bank holiday and Memorial Day show? Skeleton transplants? Too bad because we gottem! Zombie food servers? Check! Ruthless car companies? You betcha! We got gunfights at the corporate office, we got grenades, we even have undead monster plants of some type. Everything you needed to unwind after a busy holiday and so much more. Get ready to meet Ribble and Chimbles and go on an epic journey of prank calls and science and other stuff too! Thank you to everyone that caught this live it was a blast, thank you to everyone listening on the podcast but most importantly thank you to all our donators for keeping us going! Love you all and see you soon!


Through The Wire – 05/24/18

Through The Wire – 05/24/18 Macron and Chumley back again handling all the world’s most serious complaints, such as the tragic tale of the man who didn’t get enough ice trays in his refrigerator, the woman who’s food wasn’t quite to her satisfaction, some dude who didn’t know why there were ants in his ANTstant coffee jar, yet another shootout at the corporate office and one woman who cried about her refund (sorry lady). This show had many great pickups and a few very angry folks who just needed to chill the hell out. Thank you to all that managed to listen live, everyone listening on the the podcast and especially to our donators for keeping the show going. Love you all and we are currently doing our best to make another show happen for the upcoming holiday on Monday so stay tuned for that if we can manage it!…


The M-Files Episode 1 – 05/20/18

The M-Files Episode 1 – 05/20/18 Welcome to a new series of unique pranks known as The-M Files. Not to be confused with the Macron Files but actually the X-Files. In this show Special Agents Blackman and Chumley attempt to uncover various alien and otherworldly events via the medium of complaints. These include fast food employees being abducted by aliens, food contaminated with an alien virus, faulty furniture leaking the deadly black oil and even one Red Lobster customer infected with an alien virus and having to have a complete skeleton replacement made from old body parts and lobster skeletons. The agents worked hard to bring you the truth but the truth is still out there. We will do this again and big thanks to everyone that supported this new new concept, listened live and on the podcast and especially to those that donated. I want to believe…


Complimentary Skeleton Transplants And Other Great Offers – 05/18/18

Complimentary Skeleton Transplants And Other Great Offers – 05/18/18 Welcome back brothers and sisters. This show features Macron and Chumley taking on all the world’s challenges and winning. Everything from fast food that’s not fast enough, terrible music at the Olive Garden, having to pay outrageous cancellation fees and even people refusing a completely free full skeleton transplant to fix their dentures. This is really hard word but we do it for you guys. Shoutout to everyone who took park live, is listening on the podcast and especially those that donated. We’re considering another show tomorrow but either way I’ll see you real soon and I love you all!