Macron Show Prank Calls

March 2018


Horse Panic – 03/25/18

Horse Panic – 03/25/18 Get your stinking hooves off me you damn dirty horse! This crazy show features Chumley and Macron and a whole bunch of crazy wild horses. We started with some complainers, which rarely seems to work on a Sunday night, and we also shut down a sex addicts conference just for the lolz. We then proceeded to deal with a serious emergency at a budget motel which involved a small scale riot, a horse and a bunch of goats loose in reception. It was a real serious emergency and for some reason the front desk didn’t even appreciate our assistance with it. Oh well, back again soon y’all!


The InkedGoddess Birthday Bonanza – 03/20/18

The InkedGoddess Birthday Bonanza – 03/20/18 Happy Birthday InkedGoddess! This show features InkedGoddess, Macron and Chumley celebrating all things InkedGoddess including great pranks, 80’s music, guns, drugs, nudity and frequent adult situations. Some awesome pranks and loads of fun in this show including trigger happy Macron, the virus and the return of the Sea Tac. I mean what more do you want? How about an angry doctor with tiny feet? A sweaty old man complaining about his camp site? A shootout at Red Lobster? It’s all here and more. I think all the best complainers came out for Inked’s Birthday on this one because this is 6 hours of greatness. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed making it and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Love you Inked! Until next time!


The Ringing Show – 03/18/18

The Ringing Show – 03/18/18 This episode features Macron and Chumley and a whole bunch of ringing. Like seriously it’s as if for some reason people didn’t want to talk to a strange number calling in the middle of a Sunday night or something. There’s a few good calls in here and lots of banter but honestly mostly ringing and British swearing, so enjoy that. We managed to get a few complainers, a cool guy who rapped and hijacked a few conferences. We are currently prepping InkedGoddess’ Birthday show, I’m sure that will be much better but enjoy this one too, and sorry for the unusually slow upload, Macron has been sick for 2 days. #PrayForMacron


Discipline My Child And Win A Free PS4 – 03/11/18

Discipline My Child And Win A Free PS4 – 03/11/18 This episode features the dynamic duo of Macron and Chumley, with just a little visit from InkedGoddess too. How it went on for nearly 6 hours I do not know. This time around we placed some Craigslist ads for free stuff, but made the callers discipline our rowdy children first, one call ending in tragic results. We also dealt with usual huge list of complainers who are frankly never satisfied with our awesome service these days! On this show we started our new contest which will now be happening on every show. The person who donates the most via our GoFundme during the show will be able to choose from a list of awesome prizes to receive. This week’s winner was Taco Jones, so congrats Mr. Jones! Your prize is currently being organised by Chumley. Thank you to everyone that…