Macron Show Prank Calls

July 2017


Complaining And Re-Complaining Myself – 07/29/17

Complaining And Re-Complaining Myself – 07/29/17 This show features Macron, Jeremy and Deloris. Macron and Jeremy were both very sick this week and Deloris was late, but despite all of this we still made an awesome show with some great calls once again. This week we focused entirely on complainers again and tried to right all of the world’s problems, with some mixed results. We had a lot of people moaning about Burger King messing up, as well as some bad airlines, hotels and stores. As usual I don’t feel that our efforts to help were appreciated much. Thank you very much for all the recent donations and support. Please keep sharing the site and the YouTube machines and donating where you can, it means a lot and helps us keep going. See you again next time!


Macron And Deloris Get Unprofessionable – 07/23/17

Macron And Deloris Get Unprofessionable – 07/23/17 This week’s show just features Macron backed up by supervisor Deloris. Don’t worry though because we got some classic calls this time. Yet again Macron tries to handle the business of dealing with all the Internet’s complaints, from bad fast food to missing mail orders we have it covered. No matter how reasonable we try to be these people just don’t seem to appreciate our efforts. One particular lady told us her entire life story and despite having her issue escalated to many many different supervisors she still was not appeased! We also had a few fast food customers who did not like the terrible food and were even more unhappy about our service. You just can’t win with some people! Oh well, we’ll keep on trying and we’ll be back very soon with even more important business. Hopefully we can keep things…


Deloris Clydetoris Handles The Business – 07/15/17

Deloris Clydetoris Handles The Business – 07/15/17 Sorry for the short break there! This show featured Macron, InkedGoddess, Jeremey from Corporate and our latest addition Deloris Clydetoris (she drives a Taurus) handling a multitude of complex complaints and problems from our secret underground corporate office lair. This time we dealt with more messed up food, broken laptops, incorrect orders and a redneck who couldn’t get a darn loan. We also gave birth to an awesome new character called Deloris! Sorry for the few technical issues we had this week, it was someone else’s fault. Thank you to everyone that listened live and supported us, it’s very much appreciated. Please hit the donate button up there in the menu if you want to help us out and keep this show going! Lots of love to you all and see you very soon!


Complainers Killers And Crackheads – 07/01/17

Complainers Killers And Crackheads – 07/01/17 Another crazy show featuring Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess and for the first time Diesel! Once again we focus on resolving all the world’s complaints. From bad internet providers to shoddy fast food we have it all covered. This time around Macron killed Jeremy yet again, and then chopped up his body to put on pizza, the customer was only concerned with getting her refund though! We also tried to get multiple crack heads fighting at fast food joints, attempted to get Ben a prostitute and single handedly improved the customer service over at Comcast. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that donated recently, it’s really appreciated right now and I love you all for helping out and supporting. If you want to dontate to the cause to keep things going you can do so at thank you all and see…