Macron Show Prank Calls

June 2017


Fidget Spinners And Cuckoldry – 06/24/17

Fidget Spinners And Cuckoldry – 06/24/17 This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess mostly dealing with a whole host of different complainers. We got some awesome results this week, from bad food to undelivered fidget spinners this show has it all. We even rounded things off with a call to a cuckolding life coach, no I’m not making that up! We also called a few crazy people selling random things on Craigslist including Mystic Mitch the magician, who was kind of a jerk actually. I just want to take a moment to thank all the amazing people who have donated recently, if you want to support too and help make more shows happen you can do so using the donate button on the site. I am pleased to report we are now broadcasting classic shows 24/7 via Mixlr or you can listen directly from the site. Please keep supporting and…


Faulty Muffin Balls – 06/17/17

Faulty Muffin Balls – 06/17/17 Another epic show, this one filled to the brim with controversy and great calls. We had some absolutely awesome complainer pranks in this one, from faulty muffins, bad food and terrible service to more marijuana and security issues in hotel rooms this show had it all. I even left the stupidly controversial call to Scotty’s mother in which I take no credit for at all. Thank you so much to all the generous people who have donated recently to make even more shows happen, as a bonus for you guys I am now broadcasting classic shows from over the years around the clock right here via my Mixlr. If you want to support the cause and make even more shows happen and help me upgrade all the equipment machines then please hit the donate button on the site. As always stay tuned as there is…


Vote For The Macron Party – 06/10/17

Vote For The Macron Party – 06/10/17 Following on from the British election another crazy show for your ears! Featuring Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess, Dr. Charles and for the first time ever Mr. Smokey McPot. In this show we focused exclusively on the never ending list of complainers we have to deal with and got some excellent results! Whether you have a complaint about your pizza, Internet, shopping or just life in general we have you covered! Sadly our favourite racist motel owners seems to have given up talking to us, but that didn’t stop us from trying. We also managed to kill Jeremy yet again! There were so many classic complainers calls in this show that I don’t know where to begin, you’ll just have to listen to the whole epic show to catch them all. We will of course be back very soon with much more so stay tuned!


Quality Cuckwear And PC Repair – 06/03/17

Quality Cuckwear And PC RepairĀ – 06/03/17 The most ridiculously long show in a very long time! Featuring Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess. On this show we call up a whole heap of complainers, a few stores and of course our favourite motel. We had some good results and I tried to keep the length of this show down by editing out the breaks and stuff. The main reason for the length of this show is the last call, which lasted for several hours! We called a lady who was complaining about her antivirus not working, and after having her look at some hardcore porn for a while we eventually decided to be nice and fix her PC. This took an incredible amount of time due to her being out in the country, but I am pleased to report we got things working! We even had to remote in to her PC…