Macron Show Prank Calls

February 2017


The Uber Cuckold Experiment – 02/25/17

The Uber Cuckold Experiment – 02/25/17 This show features Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess and the first ever live appearance from Motherf*cker Jones himself! We tried a little experiment with placing a Craigslist ad for people to cuckold our wife, with mixed results. We also had some awesome complainers this time focusing on the current Uber debacle and got some amazing reactions, one guy was literally shaking with rage after being insulted by AT&T and Samsung at the same time! There was much more hilarity in the episode too. Huge thanks to Inkedgoddess for helping with the numbers and being an amazing supervisor / cuckolded wife. Thank you to everyone that listened. The big news is we are now aiming for a regular Saturday night time-slot so you guys will have a better chance of catching us live! Stay tuned for more news on that and keep checking for more crazy…

The Macron Show Animated Cartoon Series Episode 3 – Crazy Complainer Prank Calls

The Macron Show Animated Cartoon Series Episode 3 – Crazy Complainer Prank Calls It’s finally here, the long awaited 3rd episode of the Macron Show Animated Series, featuring some awesome Twitter Complainer calls and great animations by Mr. Carmen Monroe. I hope you enjoy these zany pranks and check out my website for lots more!


Cuckold Comcast Complainers – 02/18/17

Cuckold Comcast Complainers – 02/18/17 This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess as well as whole lot of Twitter Complainers! We got a lot of great calls in this show which was on a little later than planned while Macron fixed his stupid computer. We now have the ringing sound back when we make calls which makes things a whole lot better, no thanks to Skype. This show includes a guy whose family look at transvestite porn during the middle of the night, a very angry ‘plus sized lifestyle blogger’ and a mother and daughter team whose annual tradition of birthday burgers was ruined forever, to name but a few of the awesome calls. We also messed with a few people selling fitness equipment on Craigslist and ended with a very bizarre call to a dude who charges money to do people’s homework for them. There were also some special…


The Pre Super Bowl Washout – 02/04/17

The Pre Super Bowl Washout – 02/04/17 I named this show after only just realising the Super Bowl is tomorrow and because hardly any of the complainers we called picked up. We shall make up for this with a new Super Bowl special show tomorrow. This show featured Macron, Ben, Inked Goddess, Marvici from Marvici’s Madhouse and sadly just a special announcement from Dr. Charles that he is retiring from the show for good. We love you Dr. C, you had a great run and we hope to have you back as a guest one day. For this show we had an incredible amount of Twitter complainers lined up, sadly most of whom decided not to pick up when we called. This forced us to move on to some hotels, restaurants and other random calls. A lot of fun was still had. Macron challenged Marvici to a rap battle again…