Macron Show Prank Calls

August 2016


The Wontonathon – 08/29/16

The Wontonathon – 08/29/16 Another special show dedicated to helping our cat buddy Wonton and his campaign featuring Morgan and Macron. In this lengthy show we made many brand new live prank calls including calls to apartment managers about our cat problems, calls to Craigslist sellers including one incredibly creepy banchode who thought he was meeting my wife for sex. We also hosted some live rap battles featuring the one and only Tyree Sneed, who was not too happy about losing to an amateur and much much more. When this show went out live we also treated everyone to an exclusive play of the now infamous Mark Trevino telephone court case, for legal reasons this cannot be uploaded to my website or podcast so if you didn’t catch it live I’m afraid you missed your chance. Be sure to follow Macron on Mixlr to catch the full unedited shows in future…


Save Wonton – Part 1 – 08/28/16

Save Wonton –  Part 1 – 08/28/16 A very special emergency show! This is a very special show to help our buddy Wonton, Mistress Morgan’s beloved cat who is very sick right now. We needed to raise as much money as possible to help with his medical bills. On this show we played back some classic calls and made some brand new live calls including Waffle House’s, convenience stores and hotels, with some hilarious new ideas such as veterans of World War 3 and trying to book a room for Octember. We also filed a lengthy report with a corporate complaints line and more. Thank you so much to everyone that caught this show live and donated! We will be back with another Wonton-othon later tonight Sunday 28th of August 2016 at 2pm Pacific Time / 5pm ET at Love you Wonton stay strong!


Deltagate – 08/13/16

Deltagate – 08/13/16 The Deltagate special show! Featuring Macron (obviously!) Dr Charles, JagTV, Mistress Morgan and the return of Llama. In this show we decided to take advantage of this week’s computer meltdown at Delta airlines by harvesting a whole bunch of people complaining about them on Twitter. We had some very successful calls and possibly made things a whole lot worse for Delta, including telling one lady that Delta was attacked by Chinese hackers, her plane had been repaired with duct tape and there was a gremlin on the side of the plane. One couple was very upset that we suggested letting their 11 year old fly alone was irresponsible and several people did not like our new no refunds policy. Later in the show we called a few angry rednecks and then made a call to the infamous Danny (aka malt liquor guy) who still refuses to hang…