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June 2016


Happy Birthday Dr Charles – 06/18/16

Happy Birthday Dr Charles – 06/18/16 A special show to celebrate the birth of the one and only Dr. Charles! Guest hosts were of course Macron and Dr. Charles along with JagTV and Lord Gloria. On this show we started off by calling some some random Circle K locations and in the process we ended up getting free food for a homeless and hungry vet, probably one of our finest moments since what started out as a prank ended up as a really great deed for a man in need. Wherever you are dude we hope you enjoyed your free…


Return Of The Mac – 06/11/16

Return Of The Mac –  06/11/16 After a short break Macron returns with his usual blend of comedy and mayhem. This show features Macron, Dmitri, Asthma, JagTV and Gloria! In this episode we call a whole bunch of random Craigslist people, we attempt and very much fail to call several Twitter complainers, we call up some Circle K stores to do the monthly customer survey (with some great results!) and we cause chaos at some hotels. Sorry for the delay in shows folks but Macron will be back on schedule with even more shows than ever before from now on!…


The now infamous, banned by PCN “Jewstein Incident”

Thank you to Mistress Morgan for saving this! This is the now infamous and banned “Jewstein Incident”. This famous call resulted in lawyers letters and was deemed too controversial for PCN. Featuring Dwight, Carlito, Macron and Mistress Morgan. Enjoy it before they ban it again!

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