Macron Show Prank Calls

March 2016


Mac Wreck – 03/23/16

Mac Wreck – 03/23/16 This show was entirely Train Wreck’s fault. Featuring Macron, Train Wreck, Dr, Charles, Devon, Xyzqwa Llama and more we basically caused chaos with a bunch of different businesses, yes including some Indian Restaurants! Fun times.


Macron’s Midweek Mayhem – 03/09/16

Macron’s Midweek Mayhem – 03/09/16 Wow this show quickly descended into complete chaos. It started innocently enough, Macron and Llama did some incoming Craigslist calls from people wanting our free Xbox and some calls to customers of a storage company. We were then joined by a whole host of crazy people including Dr. Charles, Xyzqwa, Carbon, Corey Trevor, Lunch Lady, Oliver Prime, Radical¬†Edd and Steven Aspinwall. There were gimp masks, butt plugs and more. Things quickly descended into abusing hotel guests and receptionists and culminated in utter chaos at a Waffle House, for which I¬†probably should apologise for now. This show was a little slice of madness, hope you all enjoy!


Mother F*ckers Day – 03/06/16

Mother F*ckers Day – 03/06/16 It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK so we decided to re-claim it as Mother F*cker’s Day! This special show features Macron, Dr. Charles, Train Wreck, Xyzqwa, Dangerous Devon, Mr. Good and the triumphant return of Llama! We called some complainers and did some special calls to people responding to our bogus Craigslist ads offering free cars and free horses as well as a bunch of random stuff. Don’t miss the very end where Train Wreck performed his awesome new song!