Macron Show Prank Calls

February 2016


The Macron Show – 02/27/16

The Macron Show – 02/27/16 Welcome to another Macron Show! This week we are raising funds for the Prank Call Station Mixlr machine over at so please give generously if you can! This show features Macron, Train Wreck, Xyzqwa, Mr Good and Dangerous Devon. We did a handful of complainers, some incoming craigslist ad calls and some random stuff that was for sale. Oh and some Indian restaurants for Train Wreck. A lot of fun was had. Stay tuned because later in the week we will be releasing the first full length Macron Show cartoon over at so watch out for that!


The Macron Show – 02/20/16

The Macron Show – 02/20/16 This episode had so many great hosts we broke Skype several times! Hosts were Macron (of course!) Dr. Charles, Train Wreck, Xyzqwa, Dangerous Devon, JagTV, Mr. Good, Carmen Monroe, Benihana and even appearances from Lunchlady and Zax. Excuse the technical problems we had as this show literally broke the Internet with it’s awesomeness. We did complainers, Craigslist people, some restaurants and other businesses and had great fun with some of our old victims. We also managed to call a store that Jag was visiting and got him on the phone, but I won’t say any more about that! After this show finished we also debuted the brand new Macron Show animated cartoon series which you can find on this site and my YouTube channel Thank you to everyone that was involved and those that listened live.


The Macron Show – 02/13/16

The Macron Show – 02/13/16 This show features Macron, Dr. Charles, Xyzqwa, Dangerous Devon, Elky, Mr. Good and a VERY brief appearance from JagTV. Tonight we called some people who responded to our Craigslist ad promising a gift voucher in return for completing a political survey and got some great results. We also really upset some poor Twitter complainers, and may have gone too far with a few! We rounded things off with some crazy Craigslist ads and also checked in with a couple of people from previous shows. Another great show not to be missed!


The Macron Super Bowl Special – 02/07/16

The Macron Super Bowl Special – 02/07/16 This is the Macron Super Bowl Special Show! Featuring Macron, Dr. Charles and Dangerous Devon. In this special show we called up cable customers who were complaining on Twitter about their service being out for the Super Bowl. Got some fantastic calls in this one, people get really passionate about not being able to see the Super Bowl. Complaints were made about us to Comcast! We also called a couple of bars and accused them of displaying the game illegally and a few people selling football merchandise on Craigslist. Altogether a fantastic show and a lot of fun was had. Thank you again to all involved!