Macron Show Prank Calls

January 2016


The Macron Show – 01/30/16

The Macron Show – 01/30/16 This show features Macron, Dr Charles, JagTV and a brand new host DD (aka Dangerous Devon, aka Deviant Devon). We attempted a few new complainer calls but mostly called up random Craigslist sellers and messed with them. We met one awesome dude who loved prank calls and I’m hoping to put on the next show with us, and one definite oddball who I suspect was jerking off to our voices. Enjoy and stay tuned for much more!


Macron Classics – The Typing Games

Macron, JagTV and Miss Morgan play the infamous typing game: Where the person speaking has to say EXACTLY what the others type or else they lose! In these calls Jag calls about a pedo-copter, Macron tries to book a hotel room for 5 guys and Miss Morgan is a car! Beep Beep!    


The Macron Show – 01/08/16

The Macron Show – 01/08/16 Macron, Dr. Charles, Elky and Zax have fun with a fresh batch of Twitter complainers, we also deal with┬ásome Craigslist people (and make a few new friends along the way) and this time there’s not so much ringing! A few great Comcast complainers in this show and one lady with a lost ring who was so nice that we actually ended up becoming friends. Thanks to everyone that made this an awesome show!


The Macron Show – 01/02/16

The Macron Show – 01/02/16 All the ingredients were right there for this show. We had Macron, Dr. Charles, Mr Good (Andy), General Secretary Xyzqwa and Aussiejack. We had even managed to track down a crazy guy from Liveleak and we were ready with a whole bunch of new Twitter complainers. Sadly hardly anybody wanted to pick up the phone. We tried and tried for 2+ hours and got mostly ringing. Towards the end there was a hilarious call regarding helicopters and ham so look out for that one. I guess this was a bad night to pick for pranks though. Still, much more coming up soon!