Macron Show Prank Calls



Merry F*cking Christmas From Macron Pt 2 – 12/25/16

Merry F*cking Christmas From Macron Part 2 – 12/25/16 Macron returns for another dumb Christmas Day show. This time featuring Ben Franklin and Mr. Cheeky himself. This year had very little to do with Christmas and was mostly about calling up restaurants on Christmas day and wasting a lot of people’s time. This show features lots of restaurant calls as well as some hotels and a surprise call from InkedGoddess! Happy Christmas and shut the f*ck up now! – Love Macron


Ronald Trump’s Halloween Massacre – 10/29/16

Ronald Trump’s Halloween Massacre – 10/29/16 This show features Macron and Dr. Charles celebrating Halloween together obviously dressed as Donald Trump. We call a bunch of potential Trump supporters, attempt to deal with some complainers, including a few old classics, and we eventually move on to some hotel related mayhem. This was just one of those shows where nobody wanted to pick up. We called a bunch of old people at a gated community and not a single one answered. We did still manage to have lots of laughs including getting a hotel customer to take the telephone breathalyser test which is always great. Please keep sharing and supporting as we have lots of plans for the future. Lots of love to everyone that donated and listened to the show live. Oh and I apologise in advance for the poor quality of my sound, it appears after all these…


Macron Is Not Dead- 10/05/16

Macron Is Not Dead – 10/05/16 The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated! Macron Is Not Dead! This show featured Macron and JagTV causing our usual blend of havoc, firstly with some Twitter complainers, then a couple of Wafflehouses and then utter mayhem at some long stay hotels. Macron had to take a little break to get some things in order, but the Macron Show is far from done yet! Hope you all enjoyed this show, thanks to everyone that listened live and supported us. We hope to be back this Friday with more fun and hopefully a little song that Jag and Macron have been working on together. It’s gonna be awesome. Macron loves you all, stay tuned!


The Wontonathon – 08/29/16

The Wontonathon – 08/29/16 Another special show dedicated to helping our cat buddy Wonton and his campaign featuring Morgan and Macron. In this lengthy show we made many brand new live prank calls including calls to apartment managers about our cat problems, calls to Craigslist sellers including one incredibly creepy banchode who thought he was meeting my wife for sex. We also hosted some live rap battles featuring the one and only Tyree Sneed, who was not too happy about losing to an amateur and much much more. When this show went out live we also treated everyone to an exclusive play of the now infamous Mark Trevino telephone court case, for legal reasons this cannot be uploaded to my website or podcast so if you didn’t catch it live I’m afraid you missed your chance. Be sure to follow Macron on Mixlr to catch the full unedited shows in future…