Macron Show Prank Calls

November 2015


The Fat White Girls Show – 11/21/15

The Fat White Girls Show 11/21/15 A show of epic proportions! Featuring Macron, Dr. Charles, Carbon, Aussiejack, Benihana, Tobert, Nashby, Stalin Without The Charm, Illegal Smile and the return of Cracker! This week we handle a whole bunch of whiny bitches on Twitter, some craigslist weirdos, some folks wanting a free Xbox and more! This show also features live gunfire from Nashby and Stalin and Aussie’s daughter goes nuts. This one is not to be missed!


The Macron Show – 11/13/15

The Macron Show 11/13/15 Macron, Dr Charles and JagTV help a few Twitter complainers and then move on to some curling club members and some musicians, we also attempt and succeed in finding someone to make the website a brand new theme song!


The Macron Show – 11/12/15